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Whether you are a company or contractor, chances are we've worked with the people in your industry. Our experienced design, engineering and manufacturing teams recognize that your work crew are the most important resource and their health and safety is paramount to your company's success. While we can't change the weather, Mobile Shade trailers customized with many available accessories can change their work site environment.

During the summer, Mother Nature can turn up the heat quickly and we all know heat stress can become a serious health risk. If the health and efficiency of your operation is compromised by heat, Mobile Shade has a solution to protect your crew from the elements. Swamp coolers can leave employees damp and air conditioning isn't typically a viable solution around most job sites. Our shade trailers can keep customers and employees comfortable and safe from heat-related illnesses.

From the sweltering heat of South Texas to the deserts of California, Mobile Shade has you covered. Our trailers come with loads of standard equipment including a tool box and leveling jack. You can further customize your trailer by adding custom colors and your company logo.

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Mobile Shade 1500 Shade Series
The 1500 series Shade trailer is our basic 15 trailer providing portable shade from the sun, a comfortable place to rest for 10 people and a refreshing hydration station. Made with industrial grade materials, Galvanized reflective roofing, Zinc plated handles and rust inhibiting paint, this trailer is stable, road legal, and very functional.

Mobile Shade 1500 Work Series
The 1500 Work series is a uniquely designed 16 trailer only available through Mobile Shade. This trailer is different that your standard trailers in that the body of the frame is located on the roof making it open and allowing the trailer to be moved over work sites. The 1500 work series trailer has 4 retractable jacks that allow the trailer to be rotated 360 degrees and positioned over most work sites. Whether welding pipe, repairing equipment, or prepping materials, the 1500 work series help get the job done. Providing shaded work sites can lower the temperature your employees are working in by 20 degrees. This reduces fatigue, heat stroke, and water loss, while improving work quality, efficiency and safety.

Mobile Shade can design and build trailers to match your specifications. Let us customize a trailer package for you. Hot, cold, rain or shine Mobile Shade has you covered!

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